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G-240 small rowing boat has been appreciated by the customers again. It must also be indicated that its popularity is constantly rising. Thanks to its unique features, as well as small weight, it overshadows other fishing boats of similar kind. Due to the fact that it is so small, it can be easily transported and stored in almost every place. Each real sailing aficionado, who likes spending hours fishing, will surely appreciate the aforementioned features of the G-240 boat. The vessel is available in any color from the RAL palette.
The boat is made out of LPS material, which is a combination of resin and gel-coat additionally reinforced with fiberglass mat. Fittings such as tholepins, transom cleats, and belaying cleats are made out of stainless steel. .

Length : 2,40m 

Width: 1,10m

Weight: 30 kg

Crew: 1

Category CE: D


50 NOK


50 NOK


50 NOK


50 NOK