• 37 890 NOK


G-465 has been designed for fishermen, who like to sail on spacious boats. It is our biggest product created for fishing aficionados. While being in possession of such a boat, taking few friends with you for fishing expedition is not a problem at all. The boat is big and spacious. Thanks to such features – it is extremely stable. Each piece of equipment that is added to it will make the sailor willing to say onboard for as long as possible. High broadsides make it possible to sail on sea in mild wind conditions.

The vessel is available in any color from the RAL palette.

The boat is made out of LPS material, which is a combination of resin and gel-coat additionally reinforced with fiberglass mat. Fittings such as tholepins, transom cleats, and belaying cleats are made out of stainless steel.

Length : 4,65m 

Width: 1,82m

Weight: 240 kg

Crew: 6

Engine power: 40 HP (3,7 kW)

Category CE: C


13 290 NOK


26 690 NOK


18 690 NOK


52 990 NOK


83 890 NOK